HARDER & STEENBECK 123023 - Evolution Solo 0.2 airbrush

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Airbrush made by Harder & Steenbeck Germany - model Evolution - Solo variant with 0,2mm nozzle

Airbrush comes in a sturdy and elegant, closed plastic box with cardboard cover:

  • nozzle size: 0,2 mm
  • paint cup capacity: 2 ml
  • air supply connection size: 1/8 inch
  • includes H&S quick coupler endpiece
  • catalogue number: 123023

Evolution is a gravity feed, double action airbrush that comes with a 0,2mm nozzle that is good for precise painting using all types of model paints. For bigger surfaces we recommend switching to a 0,4mm nozzle (sold separately). H&S airbrushes are equipped with a threadless nozzle fitting system - you only insert the nozzle into an air cap and then screw it into the airbrush's body tightening with your fingers. No tools necessary. This system makes it easy and fast to disassemble and clean the airbrush. Airbrush is equipped with PTFE needle and nozzle seals that are resistant to aggressive solvents.

The 2 ml paint cup is screwed into the airbrush body. By pressing down the trigger we open the air flow, by moving the trigger backwards we start dosing the paint. The more we pull the trigger back, the more paint will come out, creating a larger paint stream. Evolution airbrush is not equipped with a paint volume regulation screw. Can be upgraded with a Quick Fix system end piece to be able to do so.

Accessories, addons and spare parts for this airbrush:

Airbrush is a complex precision tool with parts that wear over time and use and it's natural to replace them to ensure top performance. Parts that are most susceptible to wear and damage are nozzle, needle and gaskets. Harder & Steenbeck has in their catalogue every replaceable spare part for a given airbrush model and we carry them all in our shop. Click the "Related products'' tab to see the most useful parts and accessories for your Evolution airbrush.

Other Harder & Steenbeck airbrush models:

Ultra airbrushes – high quality at a reasonable price - also comes in 2in1 variant with 0,4 mm nozzle set and 5 ml paint cup.

Evolution airbrushes - in Silverline variant are equipped with paint volume regulating screw, CRplus variants come with a triple plating of copper, nickel and finally chrome finish, to which they owe high resistance to chemicals.

Infinity series airbrushes - best available Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes equipped with paint volume regulation screw with memory function, in CRplus variants you will find triple coating of copper, nickel and finally chrome finish.

Other H&S airbrushes in our offer are Grafo and Colani.

All Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes

Our company is a Harder & Steenbeck products distributor.

We try our best to have all of the spare parts available in our stock. We also can order specific products from the whole available H&S range.

What do you need an airbrush for?

Airbrush is a miniature spray pistol for precise painting, It sprays a paint over a given surface using a compressed air. As such an airbrush woll not work on its own - it needs to be connected to a compressed air source. Most widely used are miniature compressors that either supply the air straight to the airbrush or fill the air tank coupled with the compressor which is then supplied to the airbrush. Another way is to use expendable cans of pressurized air, though it is now a solution less convenient, more expensive and giving an overall worse result, thus - not recommended. Airbrushes are a great tools for painting model kits, graphics, hobby, nail art and even confectionery.

Harder and Steenbeck (from the founders' names August Harder and Wilhelm Steenbeck) is a renowned German manufacturer of airbrushes and airbrush accessories.

They have existed for almost 100 years now and started as a manufacturer of small electronic components for radio receivers then produced some school aid equipment and small mechanical elements for cars. In the 1950's they began manufacturing their first airbrushes mainly for professional industrial use. In the middle of 1990's they entered the consumer market with Grafo and Colani airbrush models. They really gained their reputation and wide acclaim at the end of that decade with the introduction of the Evolution model followed a few years later by Ultra and Infinity models. Apart from the highest quality and precision using only the best materials in airbrush production, the main feature of all H&S airbrushes is a universal nozzle mount among all of their models. H&S airbrushes are also made with modularity in mind, which means that by using various available accessories you are able to tailor them exactly for your needs.

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