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New hobby tools from DSPIAE and new models from Hobby 2000 and Italeri 0
New hobby tools from DSPIAE and new models from Hobby 2000 and Italeri

We have expanded our range of DSPIAE tools by over a hundred items! For us the most interesting novelty was magnetic paint mixer - we tested it and we can assure you that it mixes very well :-) DSPIAE new items list can be found below along with new releases from Hobby 2000 and Italeri. Among them the most interesting is surely newly tooled F-35 Lightning in 1/48 scale from the latter company.

Italeri 6593 - 1:35 Pz.Kpfw.IV F1/F2/G With Afrika Korps Infantry

pz.IV tank plastic model kit

Italeri 3665 - 1:24 Land Rover 109 LWB

model samochodu land rover 109

Italeri 2810 - 1:48 F-35 B Lightning II

f-35 lightning scale model kit

Italeri 0106 - 1:72 Caproni Ca. 313/314 Vintage Special Anniversary Edition

caproni ca.313 aircraft scale model kit

Hobby 2000 48008LE - 1:48 MiG-15bis / LIM-2 / S-103 Limited Edition

lim-2 aircraft plastic model kit

Hobby 2000 48007LE - 1:48 MiG-15bis / S-103 Limited Edition

mig-15bis plastic model kit

Hobby 2000 48006LE - 1:48 MiG-15 / S-102 Limited Edition

plastic model kit aircraft mig-15

Hobby 2000 48005LE - 1:48 MiG-15 / LIM-1 / S-102 Limited Edition

lim-1 plastic scale model kit


DSPIAE BOX-M1 - Plastic box 96x40x34 mm

DSPIAE GH-003 - Set of 3 grinding heads

frezy modelarskie

DSPIAE GH-002 - Set of 3 grinding heads

zestaw frezów do modeli

DSPIAE GH-001 - Set of 3 grinding heads

zestaw precyzyjnych frezów

DSPIAE SF-20 - Siren glass file 165 x 20 x 3 mm

pilnik szklany do modeli

DSPIAE GH-10 - Grinding heads set

zestaw frezów

DSPIAE MKC-03 - Marker Chrome Silver Super Fine

DSPIAE MKC-02 - Marker Chrome Silver Fine

DSPIAE MKC-01 - Marker Chrome Silver Thick

marker srebrny do modeli

DSPIAE DC-25 - Static wipe for cleaning files

DSPIAE MKF-01 - Marker Flourescent Green Soft Tipped

DSPIAE MK-08 - Marker Mecha Grey Soft Tipped

DSPIAE MK-03 - Marker Grey Soft Tipped

DSPIAE MK-02 - Marker White Soft Tipped

DSPIAE MS-R18 - Stainless steel stirrers 10 pcs for magnetic paint mixer

DSPIAE AT-ECD - Cutting mat type D 110x233 mm

mata do wycinania wersja d

DSPIAE AT-ECC - Cutting mat type C 110x233 mm

mata do wycinania wersja c

DSPIAE AT-ECB - Cutting mat type B 110x233 mm

mata do wycinania wersja b

DSPIAE AT-ECA - Cutting mat type A 110x233 mm

mata do wycinania wersja a

DSPIAE AT-VHD - Mini hand drill

mini wiertarka precyzyjna

DSPIAE AT-TZ08 - Antistatic tweezers curved

pęseta do modeli zagięta

DSPIAE AT-TZ07 - Antistatic tweezers pointed

pęseta modelarska

DSPIAE AT-TZ06 - Antistatic tweezers flat

pęseta modelarska płaska

DSPIAE AT-TZ05 - Precision tweezers curved

pęseta modelarska zagięta

DSPIAE AT-TZ04 - Precision tweezers curved

pęseta do modeli zagięta

DSPIAE AT-TZ03 - Pęseta precyzyjna prosta

pęseta do modeli prosta

DSPIAE HC-V - Precision tweezers straight

mini odkurzacz modelarski

DSPIAE FB-30 - Flat drill 3,0 mm

DSPIAE FB-25 - Flat drill 2,5 mm

DSPIAE FB-20 - Flat drill 2,0 mm

DSPIAE FB-15 - Flat drill 1,5 mm

mini wiertło modelarskie

DSPIAE ES-P - Mini electric drill

elektryczna mini szlifierka modelarska

DSPIAE CF-01 - Cut resistant finger cots

ochraniacze na palce

DSPIAE MP-01 - Wet Palette PRO

mokra paleta do malowania

DSPIAE FS-2500 - Elastic sanding pads #2500

DSPIAE FS-2000 - Elastic sanding pads #2000

DSPIAE FS-1500 - Elastic sanding pads #1500

DSPIAE FS-1200 - Elastic sanding pads #1200

DSPIAE FS-1000 - Elastic sanding pads #1000

DSPIAE FS-800 - Elastic sanding pads #800

DSPIAE FS-600 - Elastic sanding pads #600

DSPIAE FS-400 - Elastic sanding pads #400

DSPIAE FS-280 - Elastic sanding pads #280

DSPIAE FS-180 - Elastic sanding pads #180

bloczki szlifierskie do modeli

DSPIAE FS-S02 - Elastic sanding pads set grits 1000 do 2000

DSPIAE FS-S01 - Elastic sanding pads set grits 180 do 800

zestaw bloczków do szlifowania modeli

DSPIAE EN-A - Single blade nippers

cążki modelarskie

DSPIAE CR-10 - Chrome Silver refill paint 10ml

farba chrom do modeli

DSPIAE LM10/10000 - Liquid polishing compound #10000

DSPIAE LM10/6000 - Liquid polishing compound #6000

DSPIAE LM10/4000 - Liquid polishing compound #4000

DSPIAE LM10/2000 - Liquid polishing compound #2000

pasta polerska

DSPIAE HC-F01 - Mini vacuum cleaner spare filters

DSPIAE SPP-04 - Polishing sponge pads for grit 10000, 12 szt

DSPIAE SPP-03 - Polishing sponge pads for grit 6000, 12 szt

DSPIAE SPP-02 - Polishing sponge pads for grit 4000, 12 szt

DSPIAE SPP-01 - Polishing sponge pads for grit 2000, 12 szt

DSPIAE SPP-S01 - Polishing sponge pads set with mount

zestaw gąbek polerskich

DSPIAE GPA-01 - CA glue applicators

aplikatory do kleju

DSPIAE CFB-S03 - Set of carbon fibre sanding sticks

DSPIAE CFB-S02 - Set of carbon fibre sanding sticks

DSPIAE CFB-S01 - Set of carbon fibre sanding sticks

bloczki do szlifowania z włókna węglowego

DSPIAE BOX-6 - Plastic box 368x194x30mm

DSPIAE BOX-NP02 - Nipper storage case yellow-red

DSPIAE BOX-NP01 - Nipper storage case, violet green

DSPIAE BOX-NP00 - Nipper storage case, yellow

pojemnik do cążek żółty

DSPIAE PLN-01 - Panel Liner Nib set

DSPIAE BOX-7B - Nipper storage case, blue

DSPIAE BOX-7R - Nipper storage case, red-black

DSPIAE AT-PL - Panel Liner applicator

DSPIAE BOX NP08 - Nipper storage case, pink

DSPIAE MS-01 - Magnetic paint mixer

DSPIAE AT-CH - Plastic glue stand

DSPIAE SP-S02 - Sandpapers set 1000-2500, 100 pcs

DSPIAE SP-S01 - Sandpapers set 180-800, 100 pcs

DSPIAE AT-EH - Universal 3.175mm handle for scribers, chisels etc

DSPIAE AT-CR - Step roller

narzędzie do rolowania blach

DSPIAE ES-S - Steel photoetched sanding plates

DSPIAE ES-R - Steel photoetched sanding plates with storage rack

płytki szlifierskie

DSPIAE CB-S - Carbon fibre sanding pads 5,10,25 mm

bloczki szlifierskie z włókna węglowego

DSPIAE CB-5 - Carbon fibre sanding pad 5mm

DSPIAE CB-10 - Carbon fibre sanding pad 10 mm

DSPIAE CB-25 - Carbon fibre sanding pad 25 mm

DSPIAE FSP-2500 - Self adhesive sanding sheet 2500, 230x280 mm

DSPIAE FSP-2000 - Self adhesive sanding sheet 2000, 230x280 mm

DSPIAE FSP-1500 - Self adhesive sanding sheet 1500, 230x280 mm

DSPIAE FSP-1200 - Self adhesive sanding sheet 1200, 230x280 mm

DSPIAE FSP-1000 - Self adhesive sanding sheet 1000, 230x280 mm

DSPIAE FSP-800 - Self adhesive sanding sheet 800, 230x280 mm

DSPIAE FSP-600 - Self adhesive sanding sheet 600, 230x280 mm

DSPIAE FSP-400 - Self adhesive sanding sheet 400, 230x280 mm

DSPIAE FSP-280 - Self adhesive sanding sheet 280, 230x280 mm

DSPIAE FSP-180 - Self adhesive sanding sheet 180, 230x280 mm

DSPIAE AT-SV - Omni directional tabletop vise

imadło precyzyjne

DSPIAE AT-HS - Hand stabilizer

stabilizator do ręki

DSPIAE BOX-5 - Plastic box 101x68x62mm

DSPIAE BOX-4 - Plastic box 108x108x93mm

DSPIAE UV-T - Pocket torchlight 365nm UV

lampka uv

DSPIAE MK-07 - Marker Mecha Yellow Soft Tipped

DSPIAE MK-06 - Marker Mecha Green Soft Tipped

DSPIAE MK-05 - Marker Mecha Blue Soft Tipped

DSPIAE MK-04 - Marker Red Soft Tipped

DSPIAE MK-01 - Marker Pure Black Soft Tipped

DSPIAE AT-HV - Handheld vise

mini imadełko ręczne

DSPIAE MKM-07 - Marker Gun Metal Soft Tipped

DSPIAE MKM-06 - Marker Metallic Gold Soft Tipped

DSPIAE MKM-05 - Marker Metallic Green Soft Tipped

DSPIAE MKM-04 - Marker Metallic Blue Soft Tipped

DSPIAE MKM-03 - Marker Metallic Red Soft Tipped

DSPIAE MKM-02 - Marker Metallic Silver Soft Tipped

DSPIAE GL-210 - Multipurpose cleaning gel

żel do maskowania

DSPIAE MEP-01 - Two part epoxy putty, skin colour

DSPIAE MEP-03 - Two part epoxy putty, grey

DSPIAE MEP-02 - Two part epoxy putty, white

szpachlówka epoksydowa

DSPIAE AL-1 - Antirust oil spray

DSPIAE SST-01 - Stainless steel T ruler

DSPIAE CC-01 - Colour card tester

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