New Products
  1. MIRAGE 481405 - 1:48 Halberstadt CL.II Late Versions, Presentation & Special Machines
  2. HOBBY 2000 72049 - 1:72 Heinkel He-111 H-3 Eastern Front 1941
  3. HOBBY 2000 72048 - 1:72 Heinkel He-111 H-2/H-3 Western Front 1940
  4. HOBBY 2000 72044 - 1:72 F-111 D/F Aardvark
  5. HOBBY 2000 72038 - 1:72 F-111F Operation Desert Storm
  6. HOBBY 2000 48004 - 1:48 Junkers Ju-87 D-3 Eastern Front 1943
  7. HOBBY 2000 48003 - 1:48 Junkers Ju-87 D-3 North Africa 1942-43
  8. EUREKA XXL ER-4807 - 1:48 Liny holownicze do T-54 / T-55
  9. EUREKA XXL E-067 - 1:35 Plastikowe pojemniki na chemikalia #2
  10. EUREKA XXL E-066 - 1:35 Plastikowe pojemniki na chemikalia #1
  11. MODELCOLLECT UA72210 - 1:72 Boeing B-52G Early Type 1967-1972 in Linebacker II Vietnam War
  12. MODELCOLLECT UA35022 - 1:35 Fist of War German Panzerkampfwagen E-60 Ausf.D mit 12,8 cm L/55 Sabelzahntiger
  13. MODELCOLLECT UA35021 - 1:35 Fist of War German Panzerkampfwagen E-60 Ausf.D mit 12.8 cm L/55 Sabelzahntiger
  14. MODELCOLLECT UA35020 - 1:35 Fist of War German Heavy Tank E-60 Ausf.A 10.5 cm KwK Sabelzahntiger
  15. MODELCOLLECT UA35019 - 1:35 Fist of War German Heavy Tank E-60 Ausf.B 12.8 cm KwK Sabeltiger
  16. MODELCOLLECT UA35018 - 1:35 Fist of War German Tank Destroyer E-60 mit 12.8 cm PaK L/55 KJPz. 1-5
  17. KINETIC 48068 - 1:48 F-84F Thunderstreak
  18. INFINITY MODELS 3201 - 1:32 SB2C-4 Helldiver
  19. TAKOM 2137 - 1:35 M60A3 w/M9 Bulldozer
  20. TAKOM 2136 - 1:35 SA-N-7 & SA-N-12
  21. TAKOM 1011 - 1:16 Wiesel A1 TOW
  22. ARTESANIA LATINA 22902 - 1:65 Swedish Warship Vasa
  23. ARTESANIA LATINA 22411-N - 1:65 Santa Maria
  24. ARTESANIA LATINA 22411-F - 1:65 Set of 10 Metal Figurines for Caravels and Galleons
  25. DRAGON 7680 - 1:72 GTK Boxer A2
  26. DRAGON 7570 - 1:72 M4A3E8 Easy Eight - Korean War
  27. DRAGON 7524 - 1:72 M4A3 HVSS POA-CWS-H5 Flamethrower - Korean War
  28. DRAGON 75053 - 1:6 German Bicycle
  29. DRAGON 6073 - 1:35 Schwerer Panzerspähwagen (Artilleriewagen)
  30. DRAGON 5122 - 1:72 P-61A Black Window/ P-61B Lady of the Dark
  31. DRAGON 11026 - 1:72 Retrieving The Apollo SH-3D "Helo 66" & Apollo Command Module
  32. MENG MODEL LS012 - 1:48 Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet
  33. MENG MODEL RS002 - 1:12 Ford GT40 Mk.II ’66
  34. MENG MODEL RS001 - 1:12 Ford GT40 Mk.II ’66 Pre-colored Edition
  35. MENG MODEL PS005 - 1:700 U.S.S. Enterprise (CV-6) U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier
  36. MENG MODEL WB008 - Warship Builder - PLA Navy Shandong
  37. MENG MODEL WB007 - Warship Builder - USS Cleveland
  38. MENG MODEL MTS048B - Pilniczek szklany krótki
  39. MENG MODEL MTS048A - Pilniczek szklany długi
  40. MENG MODEL MTS046 - Zaginarka do elementów fototrawionych
  41. MENG MODEL MTS039 - Precyzyjne cążki modelarskie, jednostronne.
  42. MENG MODEL MTS003A - Zestaw narzędzi modelarskich Pinky Tool Set
  43. NOCH 60110 - Gras-Master 3.0 - Elektro-sadzarka do trawy
  44. KINETIC 48078 - 1:48 IA 58 Pucara
  45. IBG - Katalog firmowy 2021
  46. REVELL 67821 - 1:24 Deutz D30
  47. REVELL 67047 - 1:24 Land Rover Series III
  48. REVELL 67041 - 1:24 Ford GT Le Mans 2017
  49. REVELL 07670 - 1:24 BMW i8
  50. REVELL 03852 - 1:32 BAe Hawk T2
Model kits HMS Illustrious and HMS Jupiter in 1/700 scale from Flyhawk 0
Model kits HMS Illustrious and HMS Jupiter in 1/700 scale from Flyhawk

We have just received a delivery of ship model kits and accessories in 1/700 scale from Flyhawk. New products in our offer are the British carrier HMS Illustrious and the destroyer HMS Jupiter. Illustrious has been released in two versions, basic and deluxe that includes a package of photo-etched plates and barrels. In our offer you will also find separately a deck and a paint mask dedicated to the model.

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Two new truck model kits in 1/35 scale and other news from Zvezda, ICM, Aoshima and Hataka 0
Two new truck model kits in 1/35 scale and other news from Zvezda, ICM, Aoshima and Hataka

More news in our store. Deliveries from ICM, Zvezda, Aoshima and Hataka have arrived. The most interesting novelty is probably British Leyland truck, 1/35 scale model from ICM. The first version was released without doors and with a Another interesting new product is FCM 36 tank in a set with figures, Ford T 1917 car with Vickers machine gun and a set of Soviet rocket launcher service figures on the truck (all in 1/35 scale). ICM released also a set of BF-109 and Hs-126 planes along with figures of pilots and ground personnel in 1/48 scale. 1/32 scale is represented by a set of Italian pilots in tropical uniforms. Zvezda has prepared its own 1/35 scale model of Russian Typhoon-K truck. The kit is accompanied by a set of Soviet soldiers from the Battle of Berlin in 1/72 scale and a 1/144 scale model of Airbus A320neo passenger plane. We have also received new Hataka paint sets useful for modelers passionate about WWII Luftwaffe aircraft and modern Swedish and British airplanes. Enthusiasts of car models can appreciate new Aoshima model kits in 1/24 scale: Lamborghini Murcielago, Volkswagen Beetle, Mitsubishi Lancer and a few more.

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Exito TV launched on Youtube! 2
Exito TV launched on Youtube!

We have launched our channel on YT - Exito TV! Today we presented the first movie of the in-box series in which we look inside the box of new Crusader Mk. III from Border Model. Tomorrow another movie, watch and write how you liked it!

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New Hobby 2000 model kits: P-40 Warhawk and P-47M Thunderbolt 0
New Hobby 2000 model kits: P-40 Warhawk and P-47M Thunderbolt

Hobby 2000 continues to release aircraft models with their own new decals and moulded parts from well-known manufacturers. The new models in their offer are both P-40 Warhawk in 1/48 scale. Hobby 2000 offers two kits in two different paint schemes with molding parts from Hasegawa. The P-47M Thunderbolt model appeared in 1/72 scale for a change. Also two sets were released, differing in the proposed decals. Another new 1/72 scale model is the TBM-3E Avenger plane. The manufacturer also re-released the Beaufighter Mk. IF / IC and Beaufigther set with Macchi Mc.202 in 1/72 scale.

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U-boot in 1/72 scale from Das Werk and new Phantom models from Fine Molds 0
U-boot in 1/72 scale from Das Werk and new Phantom models from Fine Molds

The long-awaited model of the WWI German submarine U9 has come to our store. The model was released in 1/72 scale by Das Werk. The box includes not only the model but also a publication with information about this ship. The submarine was launched in 1910 and served in the Kriegsmarine until the end of the First World War. He is famous for the sinking of three British cruisers. For aircraft modelers, we have F-4 Phantom models from the Japanese company Fine Molds, famous for the quality and detail of their models. Models were released in 1/72 scale.

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Exito Decals 1/32 Sexy Spitfires and Eastern Front Fighters 0
Exito Decals 1/32 Sexy Spitfires and Eastern Front Fighters

Exito Decals is proud to announce the release of the first two decals sets in 1/32 scale. There have been a lot of requests for these, and we have decided to give them a try, preparing the large scale versions of some of our previous releases. This includes the set entitled “Sexy Spitfires”, which contains markings for three aircraft. Our second 1/32 scale release is entitled “Eastern Front Fighters” and covers three different Messerschmitts flown by notable Luftwaffe aces in the East.

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Flyhawk HMS Invincible, delivery from Tamiya and other news 0
Flyhawk HMS Invincible, delivery from Tamiya and other news

Flyhawk released another high quality warship model in 1:700 scale. This time it is a WWI British battlecruiser HMS Invincible. As usual the model kit has 2 versions: basis and deluxe that contains additionally PE parts and metal barrels. Moreover there is an option to buy separately a wooden deck dedicated to this model. The second new model is SMS Derfflinger, version with additional accessories. The Polish distributor received a new delivery from Tamiya: some new model kits and a huge replenishment of paints and other products, especially long awaited Extra Thin Cement in both versions. We also added to our offer Polish bunkers scale 1:72 made of cast by Brainstorm Troopers. The company Toro released some new decal sets in 1:72 scale.

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New model kits in scale 1:72 from Hobby2000 0
New model kits in scale 1:72 from Hobby2000

The company Hobby 2000 has just relaesed further kits in 1:72 scale. This time these are Yokosuka E14Y1 in 2 versions, MS.406 and A-4B Skyhawk. In the boxes you will find plastic parts of Fujimi (Yokosuka and Skyhawk) and of Hasegawa in case of Morane. Painting schemes and decals were designed by Hobby 2000. We present also a new Fiat CR.42 in 1:32 scale from ICM. For the beginning they started with a German painting however we expect Italian versions in the future. Below you will also find some news from Meng Models, Mirage, Arma Hobby and Smer. We especially recommend a high quality hobby side cutter produced by Meng.

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News from Takom 0
News from Takom

Yesterday we received new Takom releases. We recommend especially Pz.Kpfw. I B in 1:16 scale. For fans of Israeli vehicles we have Merkava Mk.2D (1:35 scale). We would also like to draw your attention to 2 new sets of model kits. First of them includes Chieftain and FV432, the second one – 2 unusual WW2 German vehicles Krupp Raumer and Vs.Kfz.617, both in 1:72 scale.

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Rye Field Model & Toro Model 0
Rye Field Model & Toro Model

We are happy to inform that we have just added new Ryefield Model and Toro Model products to our online shop. Among other RFM products we would like to pay your attention especially to T34/85 Model 1944 No.174 Factory that as usually in case of this producer well detailed.

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