Plastic model kits - tanks, aircraft models, ships and figures

The wide range of model kits includes not only tanks and planes, but also scale models of cars, ships, spacecraft and figures.

The varying difficulty levels of modeling kits allows beginner modelers, even those of school age, to smoothly enter the modelling hobby and quickly achieve the effect of the first finished model. As a professional model shop, we offer plastic model kits for modelers of all skill levels, tools, adhesives, modeling paints, thinners and weathering products as well as scale buildings and other architecture elements for the construction of mock-ups and dioramas.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for answers to frequently asked questions.

Plastic model kits

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Who is modelling for?

Assembly of a miniature of a real vehicle or, for example, an aircraft, brings incredible satisfaction. At the same time manual skills, patience, consistency and even artistic skills are developed. Many people visiting the modeling shop, however, have doubts whether it is a hobby suitable for them, whether they will be able to handle it or whether modelling requires a lot of money. We will try to briefly answer the most frequently asked questions.

Is modelling difficult?

Building plastic model kits does not require any extraordinary skills. A standard model kit includes sprues with parts, decals and a picture instruction that shows step by step the order of cutting off kit parts and putting them together. Simpler model kits with fewer parts are built even by younger schoolchildren. These are, for example, car model kits. Parts of the model should be cut off the sprues with pliers or a scalpel, and then assembled as shown in the instruction. Then it remains to paint the miniature with a brush according to the scheme. In the case of a car model, spray paint can be used for this purpose. The last step is sticking decals, which may be difficult for inexperienced modelers, because all decals are quite delicate. It should be cut from the decal sheet, immersed in water and when the top foil with the picture begins to move, the decal can be slided onto the model.

Do I need to invest a lot to start building model kits?

At the beginning of a modelling adventure, it is worth choosing a model kit including paints and a glue. In the cheapest option it costs about EUR 10. Such a set includes a model, a glue and paints dedicated to the model, and sometimes also a brush in slightly more expensive options. So it remains to have a cutting tool and a small file additionally and you can start building your miniature. After such a first experience it is easier to assess whether we want to continue investing in this hobby and what modelling tools will be useful.

Do I have to use all these washes, primers, weathering products? What is this weathering in fact?

Weathering is basically a variety of techniques that make our model look more realistic. With their help we can imitate shadows and dirt in the hollows or traces of exploitation such as oil stains, scratches on the coating, rust, soot and mud. Wash is one of the products used for this purpose. These techniques are not necessary, but when you get deeper in the modelling hobby it is worth to expand your modelling skills. This allows you to get more satisfying results. The primer, on the other hand, is often used directly on the model before applying the paint. It helps obtain better paint adhesion or more natural shading effects (it is mainly used when painting with an airbrush). Sometimes a primer is also used to protect the finished surface of the model or, for example, to obtain a matt finish after applying decals.

Have you already chosen the model? The only thing left to do is stock up on basic modelling tools, in particular cutting tools as well as a glue and modelling paints.

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