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Mr.Hobby SF285 - Mr. Surfacer 500 40 ml

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Primer with microfiller Mr. Surfacer 500 - grey.

  • package - glass jar with a plastic lid
  • capacity - 40 ml
  • producer's code - SF285

Mr.Surfacer primers are some othe best such products for plastic model kits.

They are primers with microfiller and are based on organic solvents, which gives them extraordinary adhesion and mechanical resistance while being easy to work later on. They come as liquid in 40ml jars or a ready to use 170ml spray can. Apply liquid Surfacers only using an airbrush after thinning with a proper thinner (Mr.Color or Leveling thinner) in a ratio at least 1 part Surfacer to 3 parts of thinner.

Their filling properties creates perfect painting surface easily and expose any imperfections on a model kit while shrinking while drying allows for even the smallest details remain visible and sharp. Mr.Surfacer primers come in a variety of grits where 500 is the roughest and 1500 the finest, perfect for creating smooth, final surface for painting. Apart from primes in neutral grey colours Mr.Surfacer range offers also primers in black (e.g. for metallic colours or wargaming miniatures), dark brown, pink (e.g. for figures, faces etc.) and white (e.g. for difficult, weak covering colours like yellow, red etc.).

All Mr.Surfacer primers have a very good sanding properties and behave similar to standart putty.

Primers are a vital part of any model kit build.They improve paint's adhesion to the surface and also allow to spot any imperfection in the model itself.

Currently available primers are offered either as liquid for thinning and applying using an airbrush or - if you don't have one - as spray cans, ready for application as soon as you shake it well to mix the contents. Spray cans give less control over priming process and require some experience in use so you won't flood model details with primer. Their main advantage is that they're ready to use and have optimal covering power. Primers for airbrushing always require thinning but offer greater control over their application and adjusting their consistency and covering power to modeller's needs. They also allow making small touch ups on the kit.

Main purpose of primer is to create a surface on the model kit to which main colours can adhere to. It is very important especially when brushpainting model kits or figures as waterbased acrylics do not have high adhesion to bare plastic and can rub off easily. In case of model kits with many resin and photoetched details primer makes the surface even in texture and allows paints to apply without discoloration.

There are also so called primers with microfillers, that contain additional, very fine filling material - using them will reduce most of the light scratches and imperfections making the surface smoother and improving the finish. This kind of primers can also be sanded with great results.

Primers are mostly organic solvent products - they will have a distinct, strong chemical smell and as such remember to take safety precautions and work in a well ventilated area.

Mr.Hobby is a Japanese brand specialized in making highest quality paints and othe model making consumables.

Their offer features e.g. waterbased acrylic paints from H line as well as organic solvent based acrylics from the C line, which feature unparalelled quality and toughness of the paint surface. Colour palette was developed taking into account any branch of scale modelling, so aviation, AFV or car enthusiasts will all find proper colours for their models. Mr.Hobby is also brand known for their modelling tools, varnishes, glues and primers - both in spray cans and for airbrush use, which all have the highest quality and always gives expected results.

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